Systems Engineers

Company Name:
J2 Interactive
J2 Interactive is looking for qualified candidates to help us provide systems engineering, administration and support to our various clients. You can think of this job as a combination of hardware / systems architect, systems administrator, and DBA. It requires the kind of foresight, reliability, responsiveness, and dedication that you'd expect in someone whose responsibilities include making sure systems run smoothly and without interruption. But the right people for this job will also bring creativity, problem-solving ability, and a knack for developing and communicating architectural proposals to both a technical and non-technical audience.
Most of our work is in the healthcare space, particularly with the InterSystems technology stack (Cach , Ensemble, and HealthShare). So if you have experience deploying and administering those products, that's a huge plus. DBA experience with other database products (Oracle, etc.) provides a good conceptual background for what we do, but you'll still need to climb the InterSystems learning curve. At the OS level, most of our clients are on Unix, with AIX and various flavors of Linux the most popular choices. If you are a pure Microsoft person, this position is less likely to be a fit for you.
We generally do a good job of keeping travel to a minimum for our employees, and this is especially true for our systems engineering group. We don't do any physical installation of hardware and network infrastructure, so we do all of our work remotely and travel only when there is a strategic need (such as a joint planning / architecture session). That said, there is a growing demand among our customers for off-hours support, and therefore our systems group needs to work together to provide off-hours coverage for certain accounts. Building redundancy in our systems group is a key part of our strategy for work / life balance; in other words, we won't set you up to be the only person who knows a particular customer's systems. There will always be someone else on the team to cover for you when you're taking time off.
The most important qualities we're looking for are:
5+ years of experience as a systems engineer / administrator
Expertise in at least one major Unix operating system (Linux and AIX preferred)
Experience planning, configuring, and managing high-availability and disaster recovery solutions at both the OS and database level
Experience using VMWare VSphere to create, manage, and monitor guest systems
Excellent written and oral communication skills; thoughtful and proactive communication to teammates, clients, and third parties
Ability to work directly with technical and non-technical management (including customers as well as software and hardware vendors)
Uncompromising dedication to quality, security, reliability, scalability, and all that other good stuff
Other experience that would be desirable, but not strictly necessary:
Healthcare projects (particularly HL7 / C-CDA integration)
Networking and security protocols and troubleshooting (VPN, SSL, etc.)
Storage systems and large databases
Database administration (InterSystems Cach strongly preferred)
Familiarity with agile development methodologies
As we say in all of our listings, most of all we want people who are smart, creative, and fearless. Frankly we'd rather hire a brilliant, highly motivated systems engineer who's missing some of the relevant experience than someone with all the right skills who lacks the personal qualities we're looking for. But of course, the perfect candidates will have both.
Generally speaking, we are looking to hire full-time, salaried employees. But if you're a freelancer and want to stay that way, we're open to discussing a contract position as long as we can get a stable, predictable time commitment from you (20-40 hours per week) that works for everyone.
Benefits for full-time employees include:
Medical and dental insurance, with 50% of costs paid by the company
Flex Spending Account to pay for medical expenses on a pre-tax basis
Short-term and long-term disability insurance, paid for by the company
Voluntary 401(k) plan with company matching up to 4% of salary
Aggressive employee profit-sharing program
In short, we think J2 is a great place to work because we're a small firm, all of us are software developers, and all of us want exciting work while still enjoying the benefits of a telecommuting lifestyle (within the constraints placed upon us by our clients). If this is what you're looking for, please send in your resume using the button below. Thanks!

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