Practice Manager

Receiving general direction from a Department Head, Administrator and/or Physician Unit Chief, this position is responsible for the non-medical operationally and financial management of an ambulatory care practice(s). Drawing on a broad understanding of Hospital practices and policies, and displaying a high degree of initiative and independent judgment, the incumbent will continually assess and direct a wide range of programmatic issues including financial and personnel management, long-range planning, project development and Hospital relations.
May include duties and responsibilities of the Patient Services Coordinator Levels I, II and III, as well as:
Provides direct supervision to support staff for one or more ambulatory care practices. Hires, oversees orientation and training, provides corrective action as necessary, evaluates performance, approves time off requests, interprets Hospital policies and ensures adequate coverage for all areas of responsibility.
Assigns and prioritizes workloads; evaluates, and standardizes office procedures and effectively troubleshoots and resolves issues as they arise. Informs staff of inter-and intradepartmental policy and procedure changes.
Develops, implements and oversees the maintenance of filing, record keeping, and other types of ambulatory care practice systems, and revises them as necessary to maximize efficiency.
Identifies and evaluates the means for improving ambulatory care practice program costs, distribution of personnel and work schedules. Makes recommendations to Department Head, Administrator and/or Unit Chief for improvements.
Acts as the liaison to other Hospital units or departments regarding security, safety, project management, finance, information resources, research , etc. Attends and participates in Hospital committee meetings as appropriate.
Responsible for the financial control asset management, and accounting aspects of the ambulatory care practice. Supervises and supports the billing and collection for medical services, management of accounts receivable, maximization of third party reimbursement and effective purchasing practices.
Develops and maintains a fiscal reporting and record keeping system. Works closely with Department Head, Administrator or Unit Chief to develop the annual operating and capital budget. Monitors budget performance during the fiscal year, verifying accuracy in the monthly budget statements. Resolves discrepancies and reporting errors as they are discovered.
Assists the Department Head, Administrator and/or Physician Unit Chief in assessing the impact of new federal and state legislation, changes in third-party reimburse regulations, and other changes in the external environment on the Practice's programs. Develops and implements systems and procedure in responsible to these changes.
Ensures that the physical environment is maintained. Establishes and enforces fire and safety regulations for the office, following established protocols and ensuring compliance with JCAHO, OSHA and Hospital guidelines.
Enrolls physicians in third party coverages. Maintains physician data for insurance company enrollments.
Assesses computer equipment acquisition and training needs, and makes recommendations to management. Suggests upgrades, as appropriate, and develops programs which enhance office/program efficiency. Functions as the liaison between office and Information resources.
Responds to and resolves customer complaints.
Meets regularly with Department head, Administrator and/or Physician Unit Chief concerning practice management issues and activities, and the status of projects.
Arranges and follows through on all space issues including relocation, renovations, and refurbishing. Works closely with Building and Grounds department, Planning Office and Supplies and Acquisitions Departments as necessary.
Oversees all purchasing for the ambulatory care practice.
Works closely with Department Head, Administrator and/or Physician Unit Chief to develop and implement marketing strategies for the practice. May develop pertinent brochures, advertisements and organize lectures.
Performs all other duties or special projects that are practice specific, and that are appropriate to this level of position.
Cadence Superuser
Skills/Abilities/Competencies Required:
Effective interpersonal/communications/organizational skills
Ability to provide support, direction and development to staff
Effective analytical skills
Ability to make decisions quickly and independently
Knowledge of financial analysis such as cost-benefit ratios, financial forecasting, business plan development, etc.
Knowledge of computerized software programs: spreadsheet, databases, word processing
IPORT 101 online training course
Bachelor's Degree, Business or related field
Minimum of 5 to 7 years of directly related experience
Practice Manager Candidates should have a minimum of 2 years of prior supervisory experience

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