SECURITY OFFICER, 16 hrs, weekends, nights

Perform various duties involved in safeguarding Spaulding Rehabilitation Network property against fire, theft and illegal entry, monitor entrances and exits as directed, patrol areas within the site, check for fire and safety hazards, combat fires, and direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic during emergency periods.
Key Responsibilities
Entrances and exits are monitored for unauthorized or unlawful entry.
Hospital is patrolled, ensuring compliance with safety and fire standards.
Security CCTV is monitored as required and security is informed of any suspicious activity.
Alarms are responded to and investigated per department guidelines.
Periodic inspection tours are conducted to ensure the facility has not been tampered with, continually watches for irregularities per security protocols.
Safe keeping process is used with patient valuables when requested.
Daily reports are developed and submitted per established guidelines.
Emergency situations are controlled, persons removed from danger, evidence protected, and pedestrian/vehicular traffic managed safely per established guidelines.
Violent patient restraint assistance provided to staff to maintain safety for the patient and health care team.
Disaster control and fire drill assistance is conducted per security guidelines.
Security office and front desk inquiries are responded to efficiently and per department guidelines.
Hospital parking lot is monitored, and parking tickets are issued to cars parked in violation of hospital administration regulations.
Additional department, organization, or network activities are completed per established objectives.
PCC Organizational Values of Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence are upheld.
Qualifications and Experience
High School Graduate or GED required.
Graduation from a Police Academy would waive the experience requirements.
Minimum of one year paid, full time experience in security/law enforcement or its equivalent.
Computer proficiency required. Microsoft office applications preferred with ability to learn new software.
Highly developed communications and interpersonal skills, working with diverse population.
Work independently, be self-directed and contribute as a member of a team.
Anticipates challenges and develops and implements strategies for addressing them.
High level of service delivery. Demonstrate initiative with ability to prioritize work, meet deadlines and adapt to changing situations.
Attention to detail.

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